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Let Us Pray! – Easter Sunday, 16 April 2017

God our Father, on this Glorious Easter day we come together to offer praise and adoration for Jesus – Jesus risen, alive, powerful and victorious, the salvation of the World. Lord without the resurrection of your son our faith would be empty and without hope, but he is alive and we rejoice in the knowledge that in Jesus all that separates, injures and destroys has been overcome by that which unites and heals and creates.

  1. Christians all over the world celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, our language, race and nationalities may be different but our faith is one and it keeps us united. We ask you, Lord, to be with those who suffer for testimony their faith and those who persecute you through yours brothers and sisters to receive your forgiveness and infinite love. Lord of life: 

R.: Hear our prayers.

  1. God, through your suffering death and glorious resurrection, we, the sinners, have reborn to a new life. But for the lonely, sick, those who have lost their hope, those who have departed from you and walk in darkness, those for whom life is a burden too heavy to bear, please help them to find the strength to fight and believe in the promise of resurrection. Lord of life: 

R.: Hear our prayers.

  1. Selfishness and the desire of power have created conflicts, countries destroyed by war and innocent souls killed without mercy. In such a world, you’re the only our help, God. We humbly ask to send your peace in those countries and to unite the communities broken by hatred and suffering. In their difficult moments to remember your love which forgives, forgets and hopes. Lord of life: 

R.: Hear our prayers.

  1. Far from their homes, trying to bring and maintain peace in this troubled world, to sending your message to the people who do not know you and to fulfill their mission, our friends are risking their own lives. In this special day we ask you to protect them until they return safely to their families, to the loved ones. Lord of life: 

R.: Hear our prayers. 

  1. The empty churches are the sign of the less faith in the resurrection, challenging the priests’ and yours servants’ vocation. Strengthen their faith, Lord, and accompanies in their difficult pastoral work. Their courage and faith to be help for all those who seek you. Lord of life: 

R.: Hear our prayers.

Ever living God help us now to celebrate our joy in the resurrection of Jesus and to express in our lives the love we celebrate. Death cannot hold the Lord of Life, new life for him means new life for all who believe and testimony the resurrection through Jesus Christ Our Lord.

Merciful father accept these prayers for the sake of you son our Savior Jesus Christ. Amen.

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