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Let Us Pray! – Second Sunday after Pentecost, 18 June 2017

Lord Jesus Christ, your love heals our bodies kneeled under the weight of the cross, your hope banishes fear of losing you in our moments of wandering, and your peace soothes our souls full of hatred, loneliness and indifference towards ourselves and our neighbors.

  1. Your light, Lord, shines in the dark and helps us to discover the obstacles that stand in the way of our change. Often they are in our hearts, in the way we live in our daily choices and actions. Please give us the courage to accept your love light as a challenge to change. Lord in your mercy:

R.: Hear our prayers.

  1. The church around the world is a place of refuge and comfort for Christians, so please, Lord, let it be the voice of those who are persecuted for the confession of their faith and for all that suffering injustice, disease and poverty, to alleviate their suffering and to protect them with its love and care. Lord in your mercy:

R.: Hear our prayers.

  1. In a world so troubled by conflicts, we pray you, Lord, for the leaders of this world, not to hide behind their power and abuse it, but to work with wisdom for the good of all mankind, especially those who suffer from their selfish decisions. Lord in your mercy:

R.: Hear our prayers.

  1. The desire of enrichment and affirmation, the lack of faith, compassion, respect and love destroy the unity and integrity of the family, leaving behind parents, children, husbands, wives, brothers and sisters broken-hearted pain. Humbly, we please you God, to unite the broken families, give them your peace and blessing to enjoy again the safety and warmth of their homes. Lord in your mercy:

R.: Hear our prayers.

  1. Our world has become an unsafe place for all of us. Revenge makes people not to consider that hurt and kill their fellows. Without a trace of regret they destroy everything in their way. Please, Lord, protect and strengthens us in the difficult times and those tempted by the desire to destroy through hatred shown them the way to forgiveness and your love. Lord in your mercy:

R.: Hear our prayers.

Lord Jesus, you, who receive with delight our prayers and answer them with love, forgiveness and compassion, join us to can face the challenge of this world. To built our life on solid principles and your teachings to be the foundation stone for us. Amen.

Merciful father accept these prayers for the sake of you son our Savior Jesus Christ. Amen.

(Text: Cornelia Noghiu)

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